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Senior Administrator

Date: 30-Sep-2021

Location: SA

Company: Majid Al Futtaim

Job description

Disclaimer anddisclaimer: The job description  of the employee's role in the company reflects  the general details that are necessary to describe the main tasks andfunctions of the specified role and may not be interpreted as a comprehensive description of all thework requirements inherent in the job.


Job title:


Executive Secretary

The basic model of thejob:



Abdulaziz al, Bureqi



First Administrator

Regional President's Office

Oversees (subordinates):

Direct Chair:


Director of the Regional President's Office

Last reviewdate:

Work site:


Headquarters - Saudi Arabia


Job goal:

The tasks of thisfunction: mainly the tasks of the executive secretariat, receiving direct visitors to the president in the company's office andensuring the highest level of satisfaction from employees and visitors.To provide all thenecessary administrative and office support to management, managers    and team,  while  equipping all necessary reservations, contacts and reports for the regional president's trips and itineraries, as well as processing  correspondence,  reports,  managing  appointments and routine administrative activities  professionally, ensuring  the smooth handling of all company employees and visitors, ensuring that all company systems  are in place at all   times,andfollowing the instructionsandguidance issued by the direct president accurately.

Good planning to protect the interests of the company andapply all programs and plans recommended by the company's management. Fullresponsibility for submitting  all types of  reports  as required.

Job details -  basic responsibilities and tasks:

  1. Support all business units in the President's Regional Office  as  mandated by the Direct President.
  2. Support to all guests of the regional president as required  by the direct president.
  3. Full responsibility for processing everything necessary for flights, flight reservations and hotels,handling all business itineraries accurately and making all  arrangements  for each flight.
  4. Handle incoming calls,  professionally sort  them and redirect accordingly.
  5. Develop  records and reports and deal accurately with registration in  SharePoint and Aconex  as direct manager directives  and  register continuously  for everything that is new.
  6. Good communication and coordination between suppliers/agencies and other departments.
  7. Good coordination and construction  with the company's employees in order to ensure smooth and smooth dealing between departments  at  all  times.
  8. Provide high quality and effective management support to allactivities  of thecompany  and events and ensure that they are conducted according to the direct manager's direction.

System operations:

  1. Organizing internal and external meetings,meetings, meetings, seminars and events for the regional president and senior managersas directed by the director.
  2. Organize the regional president's daily, weekly and monthly schedules.
  3. Coordinatemeetings, take notes, and prepare the necessary agenda for each meeting.
  4. All missions (sending and receiving) whether local or international are organized andprocessed in coordination with local and international postal services specified  and approved by the company.
  5. Organizing job interviews for candidates for positions to meet with the regional president, and all related arrangements and procedures.

Use of the procurement system:

  1. Process and follow up all purchase ordersfor theRegional President's Office only through Oracle-ORACLE      until all procedures and paymentsare completed, andkeep accurate records of allexpenses in their designated locations.  
  2. Mfollow-up supplier invoices and ensure that thenecessary approvals and credits are obtained   from the regional president.     Follow-up with the supplier to receive the service with follow-up payments  until receipt of the service.

Other tasks:

  1. Constructive and good communication with legal departments in all matters of agreements, contracts, speeches, and certificates.
  2. Reporting in Both Arabic and English at the request of the Direct Director.
  3. Counter all reports requested by the direct manager with regular updates.
  4. Ensure that Majid al-Futtaim's protocol rules are implemented as directed.
  5. The above tasks are not limited to, but the direct manager or management of the company has the right to add other tasks  aand modify this job description at any time without the need toreturn to the employee and the employeemay not object toany of these tasks above or thetasks assigned to him or any modification that may occur in this job description at any time that is in line with the company's regulations.  

Job dimensions -  (e.g., revenue volume, budget, sales volume, etc.:

It doesn't apply.

Another context (if necessary):

It's going to be announced.

Professional and technical competencies:

  • Computer skills, the ability to use Office software efficiently.
  • Dealing with the application of the orkel.
  • English is fluent.
  • Attentionto detail,  well   follow-up
  • The ability to follow appointments andcoordinate with staff and visitors.

Personal features and required professional and educational backgrounds:

Minimum scientific qualification

A college  degree.


Minimum experience

3-4    years related experience


Minimum competencies

  • A good understanding of the company's business and activities
  • Continuing construction

Credit by

Employee signature:

Direct Manager

Human Resources