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Manager, Planning

Date: 13-Nov-2022

Location: Dubai, AE

Company: Majid Al Futtaim


This role will be responsible for collecting, planning and reporting on all the Development Projects Programmes, focusing on the front-end part of the Development cycle (i.e Business Planning, Design, Approvals, Procurement and Construction).


Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Take into account and define project timing and other relevant information necessary to deliver
  • Show key project breakdown structures, construction method and sequences, priorities of the works, production rates and resource requirements
  • Show the activities of development, procurement, design, consultants, construction and any other relevant participants
  • Highlight critical dates, milestone for each phase/ stage of the project
  • Identify all activities, including approvals, clearances and inputs required from the relevant authority
  • Provide programs which reflect the detailed planning undertaken so as to ensure that the programs are realistic and achievable
  • Provide various program options with analysis report in evaluating the overall program impact/ benefit to the Project and the overall development program
  • Establish project program baseline and provide monthly updates
  • Detail the activities to be carried out, target dates for particular tasks and any decisions dates that may be required for the uninterrupted progress of services
  • Endeavor to ensure that the services and the work contracts are carried out in accordance with the program and submit regular reviews as part of the progress reports
  • Link all key dates, milestones and completion obligations to the appropriate activities
  • Describe critical path activities of the program in an accompanying program narrative
  • Monitor, control and report on the services under the consultancy contracts to record the consultants’ deliverable production progress and performance, and report on the quality and accuracy of the consultants’ program, progress reports and the consultants’ activities and progress
  • Monitor the works under the works contracts to record the construction contractors’ progress and performance, and report on the quality and accuracy of the construction contractors’ progress reports and the construction contractors’ activities and progress relative to the construction program.
  • Review and report on forecast durations to completion as part of the evaluation of the construction contractors’ construction programs, using the construction contractors’ forecast work durations/amounts/resources and other assessments of program elements.
  • Identify and report on program issues and make recommendations on the actions to be taken to respond to any potential delay/ extension of time claims or other time related instructions or directions in accordance with the works contracts
  • Evaluate any potential delay/extension of time claims submitted by the consultants and make recommendations in relation to each claim
  • Evaluate activity durations, program assumptions such as resources level, working hours, shifts working week, design review terms, procurement lead time, production rates, assumed resources, construction plants and construction methods, sequencing of the works, and during the delivery of projects:            - Report on any proposed revision to the Project Program including reasons for the changes       

                     - Regularly report progress against each critical date and/ or milestones achievement

                       - Ensure that implications of any change are fully identified and evaluated by the consultants and the construction contractors


Personal Characteristics and Required Background:


  • 15 years’ experience in Project Management Planning and reporting, as a PM Consultant or a Developer
  • MSc In Project Management or PMP is preferred
  • Well-spoken and capable of presenting to Senior Management
  • Self-motivated and resourceful
  • Tech savvy